Friday, 24 July 2015


Last week my family and I moved into our new house and my mum loves the house .

The week before we had to move we had to pack our stuff into our and put it in the lounge and my mum had the car so she had to taken the lounge up the car and there was going to be turk coming but it was too much to pay .

We had  heap of stuff and it was very hard for us but my mum was so proud that we all work together and my mum love the place but our uncle mark was alway come over to our new and he would come into our house but my mum love the house so much that she would not let nule mark come over .

At our new house it was so fun and guess what our family is gett wi- fi. I alway wish to have wti-fi . But we will have heap of phone and computer . I  will  be the one to have a  computer.

The next day me and my aunty and my cousin went to the skatepark and my uncle bring us some kicking ball and we kicks .

Then we went to the to the pools and I could not fit my cousin clothes and I could fit my aunty  clothes and then my mum came to give me some short

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Year 5 and 6 camp

Last week at camp we has lots of fun. And friday all of the kid that came to the camp they got to go to the mangere pools and I went to and did you know what happened to me I got hit my a girls called teleta and when I was coming down the slide she was stuck and she could get out cause she was try to get her out .

And my sore was the most grunt this that ever had and teleta dad dropped us off . Then my mum and dad went and grab my bags .

Then we went to pick up my sister from school then we went to the doctor and they said that my bone is ok and that I can eat and they said to me that if you are sometime of sore bite I can stop.