Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Holiday Highlight

On the holiday I went to a netball training program and there was a lady that rang my Mum and her name was Serenah. I went and I saw some of my friends from school. I saw Lotu,. Sulieti, Memory, Patrisha and Kerstein it was cool with them there.

We trained so much it was cool actually but then we met a new friend her name is Jasmine. It was hard work I got suety. After that we split into groups my coach was Serenah. She was cool we learnt how to balance when we jump and land. When we finished
that we did something with the ladders. We had to put 2 feet in and 2 feet out.

After all that we had a lunch break . Then we got to playing a game netball. The black team was work very great . Kerstein was work so well . After that we had finished for . We had lots of fun and everybody was happy for to finished .