Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Matariki Day

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On Matariki Day the group I was in Movie Making with Miss Lagitupu , Miss Teleso. I was happy that I got to interview with some of the teacher that were doing activities around the school. By the way the people I was doing it with was Ana Lels , Madison ,Jahzara ,Luisa and me. I was super duper excited to go and film the different group but I was also nervous to speak in front of a camera too. So first we went to the Staff Room to film students cooking. They were cooking Fudge Cake and it looks very good I hope they enjoy the cake. We went to the hall to see what the sports group was up too. This time had to interview Mr Moran and I was very very nevrous to do it. We stared to record. I ask question like what is this group what are you guys  doing.

After that we knew that it was time to go back and have morning tea. So we went to eat and went an played with ours friends. Then after that we went to film one more group then we had to go back to creative space to edit the movie. It took a very long time to edit the movie. Lucky we got it done and we show it to the hole school when we were done.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Steam Cars

I would love to learn more about Steam cars in the future.  Walt:I relate the information and ideas from the text to my own experiences to decide what I think (form an opinion)

Monday, 21 May 2018

Fragments & Sentences

Wonder Writing

Something called - away in the distance.’’ Climb on quick she commanded I hear a strange noise come toward me. It was very loud and dangerous so I ran as fast as I could but it was silent for a second then the big loud stomp came loose and lose this little tiny woman pot out and said hello what are you in the forest she said. I just wanted to going for and strolling down the path. Then a big scary elephant pot out. This elephant was not any kind of elephant this elephant was kind and nice he was very carry too.

Walt: identify and write complete sentences. We have been learning about Fragments and Sentences .

Monday, 30 April 2018

Fiafia Night

On the night of Fiafia my mum deidce to do a work shop and made alot of money. It was very wet and cold my feet were like ice. I really enioy the night and all the food but I barely any. I would of like it to be inside so we would not be sick the next morning. I was very nevrous to perfomance for the crowd and family it was very sarcy. By I had to leave after my perfomance because it was to cold and wet. So we went home and got in to some warm pj for bed and hot cocca . I had a great and my parents are proud of me fo what I did in my last year. Thank you to my nana for her helpand the tutors

Thursday, 8 February 2018


This week in team 5 we have been gets to know each other and our teachers . It been very fun to bond
with the year 7 students . One thing I like about this week is that I get to go to my  new Reading , Writing class it been super awesome hang out with everyone we play game with the whole class.By the way we have to new teachers in our block. One in room four an her name is Mrs Stone , Mrs Salu they are very to hang out with.