Friday, 9 June 2017

Lishana Persuasive Writing

                                Dogs or Cats          
Introduction: I don’t know, what do you think? I am writing to all the people in the world that have pets. It is better to have dogs. But if you have a lot of one pet in your house and if you hated that pets when you were young and you didn't like the pets then you should go with dogs they are more nice to people your age.

Point 1:They are good to play with an good to have around when you are bored. I would recommend that you should have this pets. Get it very fast they are the most cute and adorable pet to have. It is hard work take care of a pet but pet are worth it.

Point 2:It better to have dogs then cats cause it is less work. You don’t have to get a litre box for your cats. But it much easy when you have a dogs they don’t to use a litre box to do there busy but dogs just have to go outside to do there busy.

Conclusion:It better to have dogs they are fun an nice , cats are more work then dogs. You should buy then cats are more work then dogs.

Monday, 1 May 2017

What I Did in the Holidays

After school finishing I was so bored I decided to go to the movies with my family and went , watch Fast , Furious 8. But the before the movies starting I went to get some food to eat during the movies and fuss over the food which was very funny. But I also did to because I was still hungry. After that we went home to go to sleep but I was very tired so when I got went straight to sleep. 

A few day later we to look for a car and we got one and it was pretty mean it even had a screen in there but I don't know if you can watch movies on the screen. But cool it is pretty cool though. We got our car last week on thursday then we went to get some food for home for dinner but we did cook at all. We got Buger King. Later that day I had a little and had a dream an it was so wired you do not want to know.
My mum told us that we were get wifi today which was very. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Maori Avgens

Hi there I am Captain of the Maori Avgens and my name is Captain Super Star I am the Captain of the hall ship. An there some other poeple are on the ship with me and there names are Super Man , Super Woman , Bat Man ,Wild Man . They are all the best Maori Avgens they have been to  diffrent place in the world to slove mysteries around the world and now there going to save one in New Zeland to solve a problem.

They are going to leave to go to New Zeland I have to tell what has been happening. ‘ So Avgens we have a mission to go and there is a lady that going to come to us to tell us what had been going on. But we have to be nice to the lady so action funny’.She ‘s here go opening the door you maybe coming in to our home. So lady what is your name my name is Trinity I am going to be your Manger. But we are going now so you guys better hurry.

When they got there they had to go to get some thing to eat because the food on the plane was yuck but they though New Zeland was yuck but it not.They went to get Mac. But if they eat they will die that what is going on in New Zealand but there is no way to solve this problem.

The Story Of My Life

Hi there my name is Lishana and this is the story of my life. Anyway I am 11 years old and I have one Brother , Sister and there names are Kingston which some of my boy mate know , Tiana She used to come to this  School when she was little. An as you know I have Parents and their name are , Marsha , Martin and they are the best parents in the world. They have had a few Problem in the past but they are fine now they are the best they could ever be.

But the next day my aunt came over to my house to have and after that they starting to having fun and something happen between my mum and dad but I think it was my fault but my aunty said that is between them so I don’t have to get hurt. But the sad thing was that my mum wanted my aunty to go with my mum to the party but my mum told me that I had to go with my other nextdoor but I didn't want to go over to my other aunty because there was cat and their  my dad got mad at my mum because he thought that my mum made the decision. Then he went inside.

Then I went inside to say sorry but it did’nt work so my aunty went in to talk to him and now he know what I feel like when he get like but my mum and dad are fine they are the best of friend thank you for reading my story.  

Friday, 24 March 2017

Lishana Language Featrues

WALT: Identify the similarities and differences across different texts
SUCCESS CRITERIA:  I will know I can do this when I can explain the similarities and differences between two or three texts