Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Strike Day?

Why do people have strike day?  People have strike day because teachers never have time to teach kids because they’re always doing paperwork that the Government gives them.

Resourcing for additional needs?  Meaning kids that can’t control their behaviour because they don’t have someone to help them, they need extra help. In some school their are not after teachers to help the special needs kids.They  don’t have the help they should be getting in school.

When students have graduated from high school maybe their dream job is to be a teacher so they go online to check out the teachers job, but they find out that they don’t give much money to their bank account.  

My partner and I agree that teachers need a little bit more things so they can interact more with their students. They need a better pay, more teaching time and needs more teachers so they can help students with how they act!

Monday, 6 August 2018

Ned Show

This Morning we had the Ned Show and there was a kind person called Cosmo.  He had a lot thing to talk to us about. One of the point that I like very much was Each Person Matters A lot I really like that because everyone does matter.  Another point that I like really was that different can be good.

  It's can be good. Another that was really good include others where you're anything.  Also you can make friends anywhere in a country your a lsland you're anywhere.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Never Give Up

Bike Trip

My ideas to help you have a fun school holiday

In the school holidays ours parents give us so much chores. Because we sleep in we don’t have time to do it.So it is very important that I get up early in the morning to do my chores. If we do them on time we’ll have more time to play with ours friends. Also it’s good to have a big breakfeast in the morning so you can play throught till lunch time.

In the holidays you can be very create with what you do outside you can
 ake hunt with friends and build heap of things. It’s a lot of fun playing with friends in the hunt. It work the more chores you do the more play time you get.

Tag. We always played it  in the  hoildays and we have alot of fun and hilarious things happen in the game. We all enjoy it. There are all sort of games to play. Kids like me stay inside all day and don’t go outside.

All of these things work so I hope in the hoildays you enjoy the game and don’t forgets to do the chores early in the morning so when your parents coming home they have a clean house to come home too.

Walt: Review the parts of Explanation Writing.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Immersion Assbemly

Mrs Burt with bright green socks, denim shorts dance and sing with the all of the school. Moving there body. Everyone was  having lot of fun. Beyonce Burt's was doing his thang with is hairy legs I hope everyone enjoy it. 

 Team 5 was very funny there themes was thaychin there acting was very interesting . They were very slowly in there moved and has a lot of control in there thaychin. All of Team 5 enjoy. And especially the year 1-2. Mr Wiseman was very into the action he was doing he was falling everyone and he almost fell off the stage. It was very hilarious. 

Anyway thank you to all of the teachers in the whole school. Thank you to Mr Jacobsen , Mr Burt . And also I really enjoy Mr Burt dance with his hairy legs and his Beyonce dance everyone really enjoy it