Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Kawau Island

On the day we were about to leave school all of the year six had to wake up very early in the morning. We had to be there at 7:00am. But if we won’t there we would miss out in kawau lsland. So I woke up at 6:30 to get changed and have breakfast cornflakes.

All of my friends were and they started putting all of the bags in the buses. My mum went home and I said I loved her very much. So all of the kids and me went into the bus and it was very funny on the bus not. I went to sleep because I was tried. When we got then we just play and had some shower well I had a shower and Shelley had a shower too.

The next day all of the team woke up and  went for a run up the confidence course was very painful. I was fun - when I went down a very steep hill. An when I got down back to camp I was very hungry. Katz group sets up the table for dinner. And guess what we had for dinner that night? We had chicken  drumsticks  an some gravy  on top with vegetables.

We woke up at 6:30am in the morning to go for our run again. When I finished I went to play volleyball and it was nearly time to have breakfast. After I went to ready for the rafts. On the activities we did kayaking and that was my favorite and I had lots of fun.
Walt::Hypothesise what we think will happen during this experiment
Write a conclusion and say what it happened

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

States Of Water And How It Changes

Walt:Understand states of matter
List how water changes from different states

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Writing Test 2016

One day me an my friend called Kelly we though it was a good ideas to go camping in the bush. We drive to the bush to see what it was like an it was a pretty good place to camp. We had an idea to walk around to see if there any other people. There was nothing to see an no people around too.

An so we went to hunter for some food to eat cause it was nearly lunchtime so we went hunter an it was a good walk. And then we heard a big noise coming from a tree an we though we should going over there to see if there was food for us to eat. An of course there heap to eat so we went back to our camping spot to eat some yummy goat but of course we had to drag it back to our camping spot.

It was a very hard job to do but finally we got there in time to eat. So we stared eat an it was a very nice an yummy goat. But when we fishined. We went to sleep cause it was nearly night time. An so we went to sleep nice an calm. Then the next day we woke up in the nice sunny day light feel like something to eat for breakfast. We already had our breakfast with an it was cornflakes an it was a very nice breakfast.

While we were eating we heard a big noise coming from a house that was on the sea an I think it was a really big bear. But I think the bear was coming for us. And we ran so fast we could not stop run an when we were runing we were runing all the way home. Cause we new that the bush was not a very safe place to camping with so if I come to the bush again I beting bring a Flare Gun to use it whenever something really dangerous I can use the gun.

So we went home a had a cup of tea an my mum was there to make it for an as she was make it she told us that it was not a good idea to go in the bush.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Got lost in the forest

 One day while  I was walking through the woods.I met a lady called Kelly. San she a flare gun in her hand.and Kelly was very nice but had a strange . “I asked to her “do you have a husband?” and she said nothing “

When I got back to my camping spot and when we got there she  to go an get some food for dinner. She went to go an get some food and when she got back she “ said this is just for me sorry. I had to go an look for my own food to eat. I was to tired to go an get some food.

So I went to sleep in my tent. When I got up Kelly was gone and I was very worried so I went to go an look for her. So I got up and went to get ready to go look for her. She was a very fast lady and so I had to run really fast to catch her.

I was running really really really fast so fast that I could fall. An so I find her anywhere I found her was a very dangerous place we could get hurt by heap of animals that could very bady hurt me and Kelly . So we ran really fast an we finally made it back to our camping spot an we did get.

So the next day we woke up an got ready to go home to our family. But when we were walking I though we got an has no where to go so we had to stay there forever an we never got home.