Monday, 1 May 2017

What I Did in the Holidays

After school finishing I was so bored I decided to go to the movies with my family and went , watch Fast , Furious 8. But the before the movies starting I went to get some food to eat during the movies and fuss over the food which was very funny. But I also did to because I was still hungry. After that we went home to go to sleep but I was very tired so when I got went straight to sleep. 

A few day later we to look for a car and we got one and it was pretty mean it even had a screen in there but I don't know if you can watch movies on the screen. But cool it is pretty cool though. We got our car last week on thursday then we went to get some food for home for dinner but we did cook at all. We got Buger King. Later that day I had a little and had a dream an it was so wired you do not want to know.
My mum told us that we were get wifi today which was very.