Friday, 9 June 2017

Lishana Persuasive Writing

                                Dogs or Cats          
Introduction: I don’t know, what do you think? I am writing to all the people in the world that have pets. It is better to have dogs. But if you have a lot of one pet in your house and if you hated that pets when you were young and you didn't like the pets then you should go with dogs they are more nice to people your age.

Point 1:They are good to play with an good to have around when you are bored. I would recommend that you should have this pets. Get it very fast they are the most cute and adorable pet to have. It is hard work take care of a pet but pet are worth it.

Point 2:It better to have dogs then cats cause it is less work. You don’t have to get a litre box for your cats. But it much easy when you have a dogs they don’t to use a litre box to do there busy but dogs just have to go outside to do there busy.

Conclusion:It better to have dogs they are fun an nice , cats are more work then dogs. You should buy then cats are more work then dogs.