Friday, 14 August 2015

If you had a million dollars

It would be fun to have a million dollars to spend at Sylvia park because I could buy anything. I would go to Kiwiyo, Hoyts and The Warehouse.
At Kiwiyo I would buy ice cream for my whole family. It would be so nice because it has that lovely taste of ice cream. I would get it all over my mouth and it would make my face buzz. It would be so fun that I could laugh and go mad so that the ice cream gets all over my body and we would all laugh.
At Hoyts I would watch a movie called Inside Out. This movie has different emotions in it like disgust and joy. It is cool to see the emotions and it is the best moive ever that you can see. You could see what it is about on the movie site if you are interested.
At The Warehouse At the warehouse I would buy shoes and clothes and I would something for my family . And I would buy something for my friends to but I would buy heap of stuff for me and friends and family .
I thing my money was a good use of go to kiwiyo hoyts and warehouse