Monday, 18 September 2017

Aim Games

When they left we had to payer to wish them good luck. Mrs Judd went down to Tauranga  and she said that they representative ptengland school very well. On the final day of the aim game some of our student from ptengland school watch them live on the Aim games final and good news we won the games VS Tauranga School our student jump up down say that ptengland school won the champ ship they were very proud of them self. I bet there cocach will be very very happy come home with a win.

Friday, 8 September 2017

About Film Festival

Room 1 have been starting a movie for Film Festival it something we doing very years. Our class has decide to make a movie about slow motion. This morning our class starting to film some shot out on the school field it was a so much fun. Some of the water balloon even pop on there faces and they got water all over there faces which was very fun but the fun thing was that we could all go out to the field and be in the movie.

Mrs Wise Man said that we had to go back to class. But I hope to see all of you guys film festival movie Alua

Monday, 4 September 2017

September 1

On Friday I stay home because it was my birthday on September 1 and I went to my aunty to my baby cousin. It going to be my baby cousin birthday on September 15 and I am so excited because it his first birthday and I have idea what go to be happens on his birthday.

But that day I had a lot of fun and I having see my baby cousin in age and I really miss him so mad. I think that we are look after my two baby cousin over for a night but it is very funny when they're over at our house they do funny thing. We were both very tired so we went to house funny house lay on the bed and fell asleep I was the only one up wait for my brother , dad to get home from school and mahi.

Later on that night me and my mum were  going to get mince for dinner and because we were going some the next day we had to go to my friends house to see what she was doing and I was doing but we find out that she was going to set up for father day. We decided that she would come with us to the pool and we would drop her off at 1:30 but we had so much fun the next day. When we went to get something to eat we to the beach to eat and my brother kingston got out to put our rubbish in the bin and my mum put his phone in a place that kingston could not find it.

But his was so funny because could find his. His thought that we had his phone but we didn’t. Me and my friend heather we laugh so hard we farting in the car.