Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Got lost in the forest

 One day while  I was walking through the woods.I met a lady called Kelly. San she a flare gun in her hand.and Kelly was very nice but had a strange . “I asked to her “do you have a husband?” and she said nothing “

When I got back to my camping spot and when we got there she  to go an get some food for dinner. She went to go an get some food and when she got back she “ said this is just for me sorry. I had to go an look for my own food to eat. I was to tired to go an get some food.

So I went to sleep in my tent. When I got up Kelly was gone and I was very worried so I went to go an look for her. So I got up and went to get ready to go look for her. She was a very fast lady and so I had to run really fast to catch her.

I was running really really really fast so fast that I could fall. An so I find her anywhere I found her was a very dangerous place we could get hurt by heap of animals that could very bady hurt me and Kelly . So we ran really fast an we finally made it back to our camping spot an we did get.

So the next day we woke up an got ready to go home to our family. But when we were walking I though we got an has no where to go so we had to stay there forever an we never got home.

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