Friday, 28 September 2018

Cross Country

On the 21 of September it was a great day we all were preparing for the Cross Country Race. Most of us were very nervous standing at the starting line ready for Mr Burt has a clappers and it make a clapping sound there we all started  to run down the course all of us speeding off.  Heart beats very faster I heard all of the school cheer on Go Girls’’. Doing the course was very hard I had pain in my legs and cramps. I was think that this run for me was all about having fun. Finaly doing my second lap.

Running has hard that I could all of the teachers are cheer me on I’m almost at the end of the course all of Team 5 are cheering me on saying you can do it ‘’. I am at the end of my race. I’m so happy that I made it to the finish  the race and so proud of myself. So that my family would be too. I had lot of pain after I did the course my calf muscles were very sore when I came across the finish line.

As soon as I got there I fell on to the ground then I had my water that the teachers gave me. Then I went to the otherside to cheer on the rest of Team 5 after I ran I was talking so much that I had to take a deep breath. I was very sore and dirty I had mud all over my feet and I did even have a shower because I had basketball later on that night. 

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