Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Superhero on a Mission

There was a loud explosion coming from our school. “Ka-pam!” Doctor Weevil appeared out from nowhere . “Get some help Penny we are going to die”. “I know call  Flame, he can  save us” she . He has save a lot of people. If he can save those people then he can save  .

“Yes, you’re here! Can you help get Doctor Evil away from our school?”   “Run room 8 be very careful, he is very powerful” Flame told them. “Everyone, run for your lives Room 8 there is going  to explosion there is a bomb .

You need to be very careful”. Doctor Weevil  is a very
dangerous man.  Flame came to save the day.
After Flame saved the day I went home and had a good night .
It was bad damdeng to the hall intent world.

The next day doctor Weevil came from the school and got atered and the was happy after all they were so happy that they had to go and clebarte they had lots of when doctor was gone.

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