Monday, 12 September 2016

Olympics Narrative

On a normal day Usain Bolt was wander around the Olympics Park where they sleep. An he woke up. He thought he might go for a walk to the beach.

So he went. He went long amount of time he use .Then he got lost at the beach. But when he got to the beach he thought he might have a little sleep. So he did have a sleep. But then he had another ideas he thought might ask Olympics Park.

Then he has another idea. He thought that he could use he phone to call some of his teammate. But they didn’t answer their phone. He triedy to call someone else. He thought he could he parents to see if they could fly over to Brazil to help him to find out when the Olympics Park.

But only one person could come over to brazil. His father came to see him so could help to know the Olympics Park was. So he came and went to the beach and find him just stand then ask foir directions.

The father knew when the Olympics Park was. So he took him to the Olympics Park.And when he got then he was laughing hard out. But he was happy that got back to the Park.But he was mad at himself to get back to the Olympics Park.

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  1. Great job Lishana but you need to fix it up a little bit more

    Great Job From Shelley Your Class Mate