Monday, 29 February 2016


One there was a boy named Ben and was 10 years old who lived with his mum and dad .He was so excited for the first day of school he went to the hall to see what class he was in. He was going to be a years 6 this year .

He went to his class and they just play outside all day  it was morning tea he went to his bag and he look inside his lunchbox and there was only a chip and bar. Went he came he ask mum and dad if they saw his sandwich and they said no .

The next day he went to school and his mum drop of . He went looking for the guys who stall his sandwich Ben did not find him. That same day his sandwich got stall again and his mum said that you need to find this boy anwise I will go to the and tell the teachers to find this boy .
The next day it happened again his mum said that this boy better for I come to his house . Ben replied do you know when this boy live down the road and I hate him because he is so sneak. He is so mean and nasty to people.

They went to the boy house down the road and said to him why do you kept on take my food at school it don’t nice and can you stop.

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