Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Olympics sport

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Did you know that gymnastics is an olympics sport .There are two different types of gymnastics you have artistic and  rhythmic gymnastics artistic they need to have routines and they need to be perfect. Artistic and  rhythmic gymnastics.

Artistic gymnastics is for women and men and rhythmic is only for women. They need to have flexibility in there so they can  do tricks. You have to train hard to go to the olympics .

There are different event that you need to be good there are beam , bars , floor. They need to be very strong so they do gymnastics it is always important  to be healthy. You could have lot of injuries you might not be allowed to compete in the olympics.

Gymnastics is a sort of  exercises that you can use to come yourself healthy and you need lot of flexibility and energy to do this sort of stuff . And you need muclse to do this hope you have fun with gymnastics . I hope you don’t broken anything goodbye .

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