Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Cinderella is a very lovely girl , she’s very healthy. She’s a slave that doesn't get treated like the pretty sisters do and her mother is very witch like. She tries to destroy Cindy’s life by making her dad move to another place. But this girl is very caring girl she helps other people around her that don’t have food or money.

Anyway she pondered about the ball and started to think of what she was going to wear. She dressed up in her mother’s dress, when she needed help, her godmother arrived to help pick out her  dress. The godmother made a carriage out of a pumpkin. The godmother told her very discreetly that you have to be back by 12:00pm because by that time your dress and the carriage will faint.

So she went to the ball and went inside the very big mansion. She had a very nice dance with the prince which is very handsome if you didn't know. When she was dancing, she realised that her time was run out. When she was walking down the stairs with the  prince she couldn't hide the fact that she was a slave so she decided to tell him the truth an blurted it out and said that she was a slave.

So the prince found out the real truth. She had to move as fast as she could. But when she was running  like car she fell and her glass shoe fell off, the prince picked it up.

The next day the prince went all over the town trying  to found the person that fit the glass shoes. He came to this house and a girl was singing a very sweet song and the prince observed through the window and saw the girl singing. So he went up to the room and saw if the shoes fit on her foot. What coincidence that the shoe fit . After a few days together they finally fell in love they had a wedding and they could’nt live life without eachother.

                      The end

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