Tuesday, 7 November 2017

My Weeknd

In the weeknd my mum had her sister to live with us so they bought a cab for them to live in so they could they can put there gear in the cab. They move all there gear into the cab but that night they went back to the there empty house to have a party.

The next day ours famliy decide to have a BBQ at ours house and some of ours friends came over. They also bought marshmallows smallows and toasting in the bomb fire. By the way the smallows was very good. The it was get to late so they went home by the it was a sunday that we has the BBQ so they had to early so they could go to sleep.

The next day all of us woke up. I wake up at 7:00am which is nice if you do that. I had to get ready for the day. Then I went to school with my parent. That was my weeknd.

This was just a free writing so we could write about anything we wanted.

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