Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lishana Speical

I have a speical place that I love so much and it is called the marae that where I go to some time in the weekend and my family love to go there too. But it is afar way place. My other speical place is my school called point england school and where I see my teacher everyday. But I also see my friend to everyday which is very cool.

But the thing I most like about my school is that we have is the chrome book. My other speical place is my favorite in the world is home I love it there so much that I cannot leave it which make it the best place in the world.

Another place that is speical to me is selwyn college that where my brother is going to. But I love that place so much is because all the poeple there are so nice to me when I go there. I am going to be in the haka kapa group.

That why it is so speical too me.Another place thatt is speical is my aunty home. But I mostly like it. Because she has internet. But my aunty house is cool because she let me come over everyweekend.

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