Friday, 17 March 2017


My first favorite highlight of the day was going to the get my moko every time I puka people though I was going to kill someone but I have not a moko done before but it was just paint so it was not really that special but I like it anyway.

My second favorite highlight was get some watermelon it was so I sill some on my t-shirt it because the ice cream was slid down the the watermelon and that how it got to my shirt but it was so funny.But it was so funny I fall over.

The last favorite was going to the haka kapa stage and watch the kids perfamoume. But some of the group were very good but my favorite haka kapa group was nga puna o waiorea even though I did’nt get to watch I think they were pertty good.

Walt:Identify & write simple and compound sentences

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